Once For Yes


For as long as I can remember, the sea has always calmed me. Growing up, I lived ten minutes from the beaches, my father worked in the docks and my first apartment had a view of the ocean.

Now, in my mid-thirties I live far, far away from the ocean. Okay, maybe not far, far away, but more out of the way. It’s at least an hour away and with a full time job, two children and one hell of a commute, I’m not your everyday beach-goer.

I moved half-way around the world with my partner and our kids in search of a better life. Spoiler-alert: we didn’t find it. Instead, we split up and made our kids ‘children of divorce’ in a country neither of us calls home, with no family or close friends. Still, as my mother keeps reminding me over the phone, it could be worse. And she’s right. It could be a thousand times worse. For now, everyone is happy. Well, the children are happy and I am happy. And that’s what counts. But for a loooong time, nobody was happy. This blog is about then. And now. I have realised that just because life doesn’t turn out the way, I thought it would doesn’t necessarily means it worse. Or better for that matter. It’s just life. And this too shall pass.

Join me on these pages if you want to stare into the abyss with me – I promise it wont all be bad. Only most of it. But still, I’ve managed to make it this far and still remain in good spirit. So maybe, there’s hope for you too?


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